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What Are Castan Epoxy Resin Paintings Like?

Relinquish the aesthetic beauty of resin art models by making one at your own home. Want to know how?

Resins are primarily used in the paint industry to make varnishes and paint as they are semi-solid, thick, and viscous substances and hence act as an important industrial solvent. They are essentially derived from plants and are considered as secondary metabolites or waste products of plants. Their natural use for plants is of an insect repellent as they ward off the harmful parasites and insects which can damage the plants.

Making art from resins is a new type of artistic domain currently used by many artists and art lovers. It is easy to make a resin art at home if you have the necessary materials, which can easily be purchased from the Castan Epoxy website online. Artistic models made from resins look quite aesthetic and pleasing and can be done by you at your home. Primarily, to make art using resins, you need a special type of resin product named epoxy resin, which is simply a mixture of resin and a hardener,making it hard after you have given shape to the resin structure. There are many resin artists available who create masterpieces using our products. You have the option to make a 2D model or a 3D model, both of which will require a different type of resins which are readily available at our website.

2D resin artworks are made on a canvas, where you can employ the free-flowing properties of the resins to create a visually pleasing art form. The paint colors are mixed with these resins to create chaotic designs and mesmerizing fluorescence effects. You don’t need to be an resin art master to take on the paintbrush; rather, you simply have to keep moving based on the visual effects attained while painting. Resin artworks have been reformed completely in the past years with the advancement of resin hardeners, and hence artists are capable of making a 3D designer resin artwork from the given epoxy resin products. These art models are aesthetically pleasing and can take a corner of your home by relinquishing its exotic beauty. You can check multiple 3D resin artworks created by our customers conveniently at their home. These DIY projects can be even taken by willing art lovers and showcased in any competition or exhibition. With much better hardeners now available in the market, like products like wooden resin are also being used to create remarkable furniture in sync with the interior design of your house. The wooden resin furnitureis easy to build and consume much less time than the conventional process. And apart from it, they are quite sturdy and durable and can last up to years if taken care of properly.

EpoxyResins Making & Applications:

Due to their semi-liquid and viscous properties, the epoxy resins have been used in various industries, including adhesives, potting, encapsulating electronics, arts, crafts, coating, wood casting, flooring, waterproofing, boat repairing and also used as composites in the aerospace industries. They are made by mixing a curing agent known as a hardener to the naturally occurring resins. The quantity of hardener to be used is very important as it tells about various components of making resin models such as drying time and quality of models made. Hardeners are chemical substances which have some desirable properties, which include:

  • High adhesive strength
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Moisture resistance
  • Good electrical and insulating properties

Being an innovative epoxy resin store, we have specifically formulated modified epoxy resin, colored pigments, colored powders, crystals for coating or casting river table, and decorative items.

How To Get The Epoxy Resin Ready For Use?

Epoxy resin is a mixture of hardener and resin in a certain ratio. It is important to mix these two in exact ratios as it can affect the time for drying and the overall quality of your model. Take resin and hardener in a 3:1 ratio,and the fluids must be thoroughly mixed manually or mechanically. Scrap the sides & base of the mixing pot before transferring the mixed resin into the desired mold for casting.  It is advisable to apply a vacuum to remove the air from the mix just prior to pouring into the molds.  It is important to mix small quantitieswhen epoxy systems tend to give exothermic reaction when kept in a mass.  Mixed mass of epoxy resin should then be poured into a mold.  The mold can be hard or flexible made of silicone rubber.  Molding can be carried our gravity or under vacuum.  It does not trap air easily and does not heat up when used properly. Excessive humidity, low daylight, and low air temperature may retard the cure.  Ensure ambient material and workshop temperature between 20 and 35 °C and humidity below 65%. 

Nowadays, people are also making resin pieces of jewelry as a much cheaper alternative, and also it is lightweight. It is used as decorative pieces at home or office, which looks very premium and expensive.

With so many hardeners out in the market, it becomes necessary to choose a quality hardener that improves the quality of your model. Temperature also plays a pivotal role in determining the quality of your resin artwork. As resins are secondary metabolites, which can melt at high temperatures, and hence you should take precautions while working with it. It is a fun DIY project to make your own art model, which you can keep in your home corners or even gift it to your loved ones. For times like this pandemic and holidays, it can be a great stress buster to doyour own aesthetic project at your home.

If you are also interested in experimenting with these affordable artistic forms at your home, you can search ‘resin art suppliers near me’ in your Google search and visit any of the nearest stores. Alternatively, you can visit our online casting epoxy resin store at Castan Epoxy online resin store and find varieties of resins, including black epoxy, casting epoxy, glass epoxy, easy cast resin, blue epoxy resin, acrylic epoxy resins at a much affordable price. We guarantee 100% original and authentic product delivered at your doorsteps for your peace of mind.

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