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Castan Epoxy products cater to the professional and artistic needs of professionals & hobbyists users alike. Every product has been thoroughly conceptualized emphasizing easy usage, consistency, and flawless finish for a long haul scenario.
Manufactured in India with international standardizations.

Ever since the inception of Castan Epoxy in 2016, we’ve never looked back. Our journey started with just a couple of products, but now we proudly say that we’re offering more than 50 products. We have sold them in all the corners of India and this journey has been a delight. Castan Epoxy looks forward to increase the number of products, to make sure that the artists who count on us are never deprived of any.

Being a one-stop-shop for all your Resin Art needs, our vision is to become an international player in the market.

We are extremely happy to inform you all that we’ve, somehow, helped a handful of Artists with their Epoxy Resin Art needs. Also, looking forward to help the whole lot more about the composite world.

We firmly believe that the journey has just started and hope for great success in the future.

Castan Epoxy has always had a reputation for ‘Quality over Quantity’ ever since the inception of its business. We strive to deliver the best quality epoxy resin, pigments, crystals & other products for Epoxy Resin Art at a price where our customers and of course, we are happy with. Castan Epoxy, over the years, has had the privilege of many customers and is looking forward to joining hands with many others. We are proud to share that we have run our business efficiently with a very rare complaint record from our customers.

Our name, Castan Epoxy is inspired by the scientist who developed Epoxy Resin ‘Dr. Pierre Castan’ to honor the wonderful discovery made by him. Today a huge number of sectors/Industries around the world like Aerospace, Automobile, Electrical, Marine, etc uses epoxy. We feel elated to have our name inspired by such a visionary.

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